Participant Information

Student URC Eligibility

Students must be currently enrolled at UNC Charlotte to participate in the conference. Graduate students and post-baccalaureate students may participate if 1) the presented research was completed at UNC Charlotte as an undergraduate and 2) their undergraduate graduation date was no earlier than the December prior to the conference.

Students may submit up to two research projects as first or sole author. If two projects are submitted then the presentations must be different formats: one oral and one poster. It is allowable, however, for a student to be listed as a secondary (or tertiary, etc.) author on multiple presentations.

Before you decide how you are going to present your research, you must have research to present. To get started, see the Research Opportunities page.
  • Students may present their research as either oral or poster presentations at the conference, depending on their own preferences or those of their Department. The same project may not be submitted as both oral and poster format.
  • Students should first check with their research advisor to determine if there is a preferred format.
  • In general, particularly if this is your first research presentation, if you are completing your work in the semester in which the conference occurs or the work is not in its final stage at the time of the URC, posters are a great way to synthesize your work and ensure that you have covered all aspects of your research.
  • Oral presentations require a very polished and finished synthesis of ideas and conclusions and so typically are reserved for more extensive work (a thesis vs a class-project) that is in the very final stages.
  • Students who present in this format will upload a video of themselves presenting including any visual information (ie Powerpoint). Please limit the length to 10 min. See the video instructions section for details.

  • Presenters will need to upload the final presentation during the presentation upload timeframe. If not uploaded before the deadline, the presentation will be cancelled.

  • Presenters will share their video via a YouTube link (as described in the Uploading to YouTube section below) as YouTube allows us to meet all accessibility standards and is able to automatically compress videos to mitigate any bandwidth issues for viewers.  The YouTube videos should be set as ‘unlisted’ following upload so that they do not appear in any public search (i.e. they are only accessible through the unique link).  The instructions (and both links) are included on the upload form.

  • Each presenter will be assigned to a live question and answer session through Zoom at a specific time slot with several other presenters in the same subject area. Be prepared to give a 2-3 minute summary of your oral presentation during this live session.

  • A moderator will be in your virtual room to moderate the live discussion. On the day of the live session, if possible, be somewhere with strong reliable internet access and free of background noise.

  • URC reserves the right to cancel a presenter’s presentation session if the above requirements are not met.

These are links for pointers on giving a good conference oral presentation:

  • Students who present in this format will prepare a poster for upload and an optional short (2-3 minutes) video describing it. Please note: if you do not submit a video with your poster presentation, you will not be considered for an award.

  • Uploaded poster files need to be in PDF format and under 10MB (as stated on the upload form).

  • Posters have a chat function for people to post comments, and for the presenters to reply.

  • After the session goes live, students should check the chat/comment box regularly on April 15 and April 16, the days of the live conference. Students will be able to receive feedback up to two weeks after the live conference. Thus, we recommend that students periodically check the chat/comment box regularly for feedback. There will be no live (synchronous) sessions for posters.

  • Posters may be oriented horizontally or vertically, uploaded as a PDF.

  • Students will be designated to a poster session group based on the disciplinary themes listed in the URC program and on the presentation schedule published on the URC website.

Poster formatting tips:

  • The title of your poster should appear across the top in large letters.  Titles in a 80-pt. font will stand out and be easy to read.  The minimum font size for poster titles should be 40-pt. The recommended font size for the body text is 24-36-pt. There is a max. 10 MB file size limit. You can access a UNC-Charlotte approved poster template here:

  • Below the title, put the name of the student presenter, co-presenter(s), faculty mentor(s), and the school or institution.

  • Use at least a 24-pt. font or larger for the main text, so that it shows up easily in the virtual environment.

  • Posters generally read from left to right and top to bottom in columns.

  • Use color for highlighting and to make your poster more attractive.  Use pictures, graphs, diagrams, and graphics rather than text whenever possible.

  • Limit the text. Your audience will be scrolling through many posters. Most of your audience will likely not read large blocks of text, so use bullets instead of paragraphs whenever possible.

  • The ideal poster is designed to attract attention, provide a brief overview of your work, and initiate discussion.

  • Students who present in this poster format have the option of uploading a video. We recommend that the video be 2-3 minutes long. See the video instruction section for more details.

Here are some links for pointers on giving a good poster presentation:

Oral Presentation Videos

The video should be 10-12 minutes long and will be a powerpoint presentation with a voiceover from the presenter. The presenter will not be in the video itself, but will be present during the live Q&A session. See below for instructions on how to record your video and to make it unlisted on YouTube.

Poster Presentation Videos

The video should be 2-3 minutes. The presenter will be in the video itself. However, the poster will not be in the video. See below for instructions on how to record your video and to make it unlisted on YouTube.

Recording Your Video

  • Using your phone or video camera, record your video in landscape mode (sideways).

  • You can record using your computer software or your mobile device.

  • You can also record in the EZ Video Studio in the Atkins Library

  • Poster presentations videos should be 2-3 minutes long.

  • Oral presentation videos are capped at 10 minutes.

  • Include a brief introduction including who you are, your class level and major, and which school you are representing.

    • Example: Hi, I’m John Doe and I’m a junior majoring in chemistry at City College University.

  • Focus your video on your research/creativity topic.

Dressing for Your Video

  • Business casual is the recommended dress code for your presentation video. Please be comfortable, but t-shirts are not recommended and formal wear is not required.

Uploading to YouTube

Once you have recorded your video, videos should be uploaded to YouTube to provide viewers a link. Use the following directions to upload your video.

  • Sign into YouTube Studio. You may need to create a Google account to upload.

  • Once logged in, select upload video from the channel dashboard.

  • Select the file you would like to upload from your computer or mobile device.

  • Publish your video.

  • Choose unlisted for your video’s privacy setting so that they do not appear in any public setting.

  • Include your link in your presentation submission.

  • You will upload your YouTube link into the ForagerOne system by 5pm, Thursday, April 1, 2021