2017 Undergraduate Research Conference

2017 Undergraduate Research Conference Departmental Winners

DepartmentName(s)Project Title
Africana StudiesNephdarlie Saint-CyrConceptualizing the Denial of Rights as a Form of Violence
AnthropologyLuisa DonosoCraft Brewery Industry Impact and Growth in NC
ArchitectureBekim SejdiuForm Making as a Product of Climate and Urban Context
Biological SciencesOral Presentation: Daniel Smith
Poster: Monserrat Cuevas
The effects of PolyDOTs on the Eastern Oyster, Crassotrea Virginica
Studying the Interplay between Hsp70 and Autophagy
ChemistryNesreen ElathamAbsorption Studies of Divalent, Dinuclear Coordination Complexes as Molecular Spacers on Nanostructure Carbon Materials
Computer ScienceMichael CiociolaFrom Eighteen Hours to Two: Bringing Video Tracking to the Masses
DanceLillian WillisDocumenting History: Preserving Korean Dancer Choi Seung-hee’s Legacy
EngineeringBrandon LewisAlgal Biofuels: Enhancing Biofuel and Biomass Production via Wastewater Cultivation
Engineering TechnologyEric HamannIgnition of Attic Insulation Foams Subjected to Firebrands
EnglishRachel WestDigital Identity Creation and Representation of Presidential Candidates on Twitter
Geography & Earth SciencesCaroline Richardson & Riley StricklandAlmond Farming Effect on Water
Health SciencesDonna PriceParticipation, Utilization, and Change in Quality of Life for COPD Patients Offered PR to Go, Compared to traditional PR Program
HistoryCasey AldridgeGod Save the Queen’s Things: Race, Class, and Theologies of Property in the 2016 Charlotte Uprising
KinesiologyNoah JonesAerosol Therapy during High-flow Humidified Oxygen Therapy
Languages and Culture StudiesCaleb HarmonFilial Piety in Japan
MathRenesha RodriguezBridge Designing for the Worst of Days
Middle and Secondary EducationGeraldine AbinaderSupport for Hispanic Families for College Access
NursingDavid McHenryDoes Medication Adherence Increase Survival in Cystic Fibrosis Patients?
Physics and Optical ScienceNikita NikulsinMolecular Dynamic Investigation of the Effects of Choline Phosphate Salts on Trehalose Glass Transition
Political ScienceChristopher DongPrincipals Hiring Preferences in the Age of Accountability
Psychological SciencesHugo SilvaSex Moderates the Relationship between Emotion Regulation and Fetuin-A
Public HealthMegan WoodyAnalyzing the Effectiveness of a Chronic Disease & Primary Care Access Program
Reading and Elementary EducationKimberly Paige BurchardAssessing Elementary Boys’ Interest in Texts within the Classroom Library
Religious StudiesCasey AldridgePrometheus Bound to Euromarxism: Christ and Exteriority in Latin American Liberation Theology
SociologyKylie HollowayWater and Sustainability in Ethiopia

 2017 Atkins Library Undergraduate Research Award Winners

Atkins Award CategoryProject TitleFaculty AdvisorDepartment
Thomas SimonsonBeyond East and West: The Politics of Representation, Interrogation, and Adaptation in Pamuk’s ‘My Name Is Red’Juan MenesesEnglish
Biological Sciences/Health Sciences   
Henry WeaverCharacterization of Plasma Membrane Vesicle to Endosome Fusion in Budding Yeast with the Fluorescently Labeled Endosomal TrafficRichard ChiBiology
Issac SluderUnderstanding the Role of the Ydj1/DNAJA1 Co-chaperone ProteinAndrew TrumanBiology
Mathematics/Computer Science   
Michael CiociolaFrom Eighteen Hours to Two: Bringing Video Tracking to the MassesMin ShinComputer Science
Social Sciences/Education   
Kenia RiosFeeling Through Fiction: Exploring the Connection Between Engagement with the Harry Potter Series and EmpathyLori Van WallendaelPsychology
Samantha TracyPushing Past PainSara LevensPsychology

2017 community engaged scholarship awards

1st PLACE:Domenica VargasYouth Basketball Tournament
2nd PLACE:Hao DjurThe Impact of the Charlotte Community Health Clinic

2017 Sustainability Winners

1st PLACE:James KnoopSynthesis and Characterization of Chalcogenide Capped Trinuclear Nickel Clusters for Superatomic Solids
2nd PLACE:Austin WelchThe Florida Everglades: A Threatened Ecosystem