2019 Undergraduate Research Conference

2019 Undergraduate Research Conference Disciplinary Themes Winners

Disciplinary ThemeName(s)Project Title
Arts and Design – OralKerrington ManerArt as a Conservation Tactic
Biological Sciences Honors – 1st PlaceOral Presentation: Allison Tran
Poster: Rohit Arja
Lyophilization and Stable Storage of Nucleic Acid Nanoparticles
The Relative Importance of IFI16 in Propagating Pro-Inflammatory Responses upon Foreign DNA Challenge in IFI16 Deficient Human Astrocytes
Biological Sciences Honors – Honorable MentionOral Presentation: Seth Flynn
Poster: Sarah Lotz
The Inflammatory Breast Tumor Microenvironment Promotes Angiogenesis
Understanding Hsp70 Isoform Specificity in the DNA Damage Response
EducationOral Presentation: Nafis Muhammed
Poster: Madeline Nottingham & Alex Martin
Investigating the Factors that Influence Males to become Elementary Teachers
Investigating and Comparing Aspects of Sustainable Development Goal #4
Health SciencesOral Presentation: Sarah Mullen
Poster: Colleen Parker
Childhood Nutrition in Underpriviliged Socioeconomic Groups: A Comparision between the United States and South Africa
Implementation of a Quality Assurance (QA) Program in a Multicenter Hospital System
HumanitiesOral Presentation: Toby Kalejaiye
Poster: John Holmes
A Comparative Analysis of the Effects of Critical Mass or Critical Actor Theory
The Three Towers of Orthodoxy: Nicaea, Trebizond, Epirus
Math and Computer Sciences – combinedAllie BeckmanBRIDGES
Science, Technology and EngineeringOral Presentation: Julia Nelson
Poster: Matthew McCue
An Integrative Study of Marmot Responses to Ecotourism
The Pleasure of Fairness? Exploring the Motivations of Fair Behavior Using the Dictator and Ultimatum Tasks
Social SciencesOral Presentation: Andrea Badillo-Pérez
Poster: Vani Singh
Causes and Current Intervention Methods of Gender-Based Violence in South Africa and the United States
Studying the Relationship between Transit Systems and Economic Segregation in Three Major MSA

2019 Atkins Library Undergraduate Research Award Winners

Atkins Award CategoryProject TitleFaculty AdvisorDepartment
Seena KoohestaniA Goal-Oriented Approach to Finding the Source of Meaning in Life Amy CanevelloPsychological Science
Biological Sciences/Health Sciences   
Sarah LotzUnderstanding Hsp70 Isoform Specificity in the DNA Damage ResponseAndrew TrumanBiological Sciences
Susanna OlsonCarolinians in the Margins: The Systematic Cover-Up of Difficult History in North Carolina Textbooks, 1950-2016Shepherd McKinleyHistory
Health Science   
Vidhya BalasubramanianPostpartum Depression Screening and Referrals in WIC ClinicsMaren CoffmanSchool of Nursing
Erfan Al-HossamiTeamUNCC – The Code/Natural Language ChallengeSamira ShaikhComputer Science

2019 community engaged scholarship awards

1st PLACE:Thomasina PearceDoes the Caseload of Youth and Family Services Workers Affect their Work Performance?
2nd PLACE:Lauren-Caroline HeiderBuilding a Bridge

2019 Sustainability Winners

1st PLACE:Madison HarrisPerceptions Regarding Consumption of Animal Products and Correlation with Behavior amongst NC Undergraduate Students

2019 Honors College Awards

Humanities AwardAnne WadeThe Haunts in These Hills: The Cultural and Historical Power of the Appalachian Ghost Story
Interdisciplinary Studies AwardElizabeth KayEffects of OTC Bleaching Treatments on Enamel
STEM AwardClaire GatesIn Vitro Enzymatic Synthesis of the Enterobacterial Common Antigen