Undergraduate Research Conference 2023

Honors College

Award CategoryAward WinnerProject TitleFaculty Advisor
Arts & Humanities Jonah SandersonTan & Gold: The Decorated Bodies of Precolonial FilipinosDr. Jae Emerling
InterdisciplinarySamantha BrooksImpact of Perfectionism on the Prevalence of the Female Athlete Triad in Collegiate AthletesDr. Joseph Marino
STEMKirthi KaushikStaphylococcus aureus Viability and Invasion Are Necessary
for Neutrophil-Recruiting Chemokine Production by Infected Osteoblasts
Dr. M. Brittany Johnson

Disciplinary Theme Winners

Award CategoryAward WinnerProject TitleFaculty Advisor
Arts & Design- Oral AwardJ’aimee TatumBlack Women In MusicDr. Jay Grymes
Arts & Design- Poster Award Alexandria Schultz Choreographing My Calling: An Exploration of Sacred Dance and Protestant Liturgical and Sacred Dance Through History and MovementDr. Tamara Williams
Business & Economics- Poster Award Catherine LubaExploring the Impact of COVID-19 on the Economic Growth and Mobility among Women Population in the Charlotte Metropolitan AreaDr. Monika Sawhney
Education & Communication- Oral AwardApril GodfreyPerceived Impact of Communication Consultant on Personal and Student DevelopmentDr. Heather Bastian
Education & Communication- Poster AwardCiena Tineo

Mela Barnes
Investigating the Intersection of UDL and Digital Technologies

Racial Disparities within School Discipline
Dr. Erik Byker

Dr. Adriana Medina
Health Sciences- Oral AwardCaitlin BuggeinA Policy Recommendation for the Lack of Access to Prenatal
Genetic Counseling and Testing in the United State
Miss Deborah Beete
Health Sciences- Poster AwardFowsia MahamedUnderstanding the Role of Canonical Wnt Signaling and DKK-1 Inhibition of MyogenesisDr. Susan Arthur
Humanities- Oral AwardEric PhannLa Casa De Las Flores: A Case Study of Queer Latinx Representation in Millenial TelenovelasDr. David Dalton
Mathematics & Computer Science- Oral AwardCaesar LeeSpotify for You AlgorithimsDr. Jay Grymes
Mathematics & Computer Science- Poster AwardAlexander PalmerEnabling Adoption of High-Performance Centrality ToolsDr. Erik Saule
Science, Technology, & Engineering- Oral AwardLaura RebolledoDefining Immune Profiles for Amine-Terminated Polyamidoamine Dendrimers As Carriers for Nucleic Acid NanoparticlesDr. Kiril Afonin
Science, Technology, & Engineering- Poster AwardAshley Choi

Chandler Horton
Understanding the Role of Chaperone Phosphorylation in the Activation of the Oncogenic Kinase v-Src

Urban Development and Stormwater Sediments: Identifying Vulnerable Populations in Charlotte, NC
Dr. Andrew Truman

Dr. Fuschia Ann-Hoover
Social Science- Oral AwardGabrielle RuizMental Health Outcomes from Participation in Club Sports, Among Female College StudentsDr. Megan Smith
Social Science- Poster AwardYuliana GananHow Political Barriers and Anti-Immigrant Attitudes Are Affecting the Wellness of the Latinx Community and Their Access to Health CareDr. Mindy Adnot

Community Engaged Research Award

Award CategoryAward WinnerProject TitleFaculty Advisor
Oral AwardMariam JaliwalaFood Insecurity and Health in Mecklenburg County during Covid-19 PandemicDr. Nicole Peterson
Poster AwardDhairya DesaiComparison of Asthma Patient Visits By Demographics for COACH McLungs ImplementationDr. Heather Smith

Sustainability Award

Award WinnersProject TitleFaculty Advisor
Jenna Barilovits Optimizing Zeolite Functionalization to Remove Water ContaminantsDr. Jordan Poler

Mu Chapter PBD Global Focused Research Award

Award WinnerProject TitleFaculty Advisor
Zoe ZiglerInvestigating and Comparing Sustainable Development Goal #4 in Germany, South Korea, and the United StatesDr. Erik Byker

PKP Honor Society Award

Award WinnerProject TitleFaculty Advisor
Kristen MinehartSexual Dimorphic Responses in Tau Aggregation Post Viral Encephalitis InfectionDr. Kristen Funk
Briana GrayThe Effects of Travel Intermediary Applications on the Inclination of Undergraduate
Students to Study Abroad
Dr. Melinda Adnot

Biological Sciences Award

Award CategoryAward WinnerProject TitleFaculty Advisor
Oral Presentation- 1st PlaceYuleny Gomez RodriguezEnergetic Pathways and Trophic Diversity Among Macroinvertebrate Communities in SaltmarshesDr. Paola Lopez-Duarte
Oral Presentation- Honorable MentionMary-Kate KeyCytosolic Nucleic Acid Receptor-Mediated Detection of
Staphylococcus aureus Contributes to Protective Interferon Responses in Murine Osteoblasts
Dr. Samantha Suptela
Poster Presentation- 1st PlaceExaucee Kandolo
Cheikh Dieng
Kareen Pestana
The Variation of Natural Killer Cell Receptors in African Individuals Infected with Malaria.Dr. Danillo Augusto
Poster Presentation- Honorable MentionEmily Gailey
Rianna Allen
Phillip Souza
Briggs Yonder
The Secret to Replication: Uncovering the Genes Responsible for Immunity IntegrationDr. Tonya Bates