OUR Research Scholar Positions

OUR Research Scholar Positions

Research opportunities on campus are structured experiences allowing students to work with and learn from faculty. Students are not required to already have a project ready or a faculty member to work with. The Scholar will be gaining hands-on, one-on-one experience with faculty mentors on UNC Charlotte’s campus. See “Application Process” to learn more about this.

The Office of Undergraduate Research funds multiple PAID research positions for undergraduate students. During the academic year, full-time Scholars can earn up to $2000 per semester and part-time Scholars can earn up to $1000 per semester.

OUR Research Scholar*Work up to 160 hours per semesterFall & Spring Semesters
OUR Summer Scholars Full-Time: 40hrs/week**
Part-Time: 20hrs/week
Summer Semesters
*Eligible for Federal Work Study funding
** See OUR Summer Scholars page for more information on Full Time Eligibility

OUR Program: Important Dates

Summer 24Fall 24Spring 25
Applications Open February 1stMarch 15th TBA
Applications Due February 28thApril 14thTBA
Program Dates May 28th-August 2August 12-December 6TBA
Mentee/Mentor Agreement Due June 6thTBATBA
Abstracts Due July 9thTBATBA
Posters & Videos Due July 30thTBATBA
Research Presentation August 2ndHonors Symposium
Undergraduate Research Conference
Pay Period Approval Dates May 28th-August 2ndAugust 12-December 6TBA
Keep an eye out for Spring 2025 Application dates coming soon!

OUR Research Scholars are expected to:

  • Demonstrate interest in research, problem-solving, and agile thinking
  • Display strong communication skills (written and oral); interpersonal skills are necessary in order to work with the Faculty mentor and team
  • Maintain excellent professionalism; required attendance, well organized, attention to detail, ability to work with minimal supervision
  • Report any needs or concerns regarding the project and/or mentor as soon as they develop to OUR. For example, if you are not receiving sufficient help from your faculty mentor, please let Dr. Sarah Powell, OUR Associate Director, know as soon as possible
  • Complete OUR Research Scholar Program evaluation, which will be emailed to all scholars at the conclusion of the program

OUR Research Scholars are required to:

  • Attend all OUR Professional Development workshops. Excused absences must be approved by Dr. Sarah Powell, Associate Director, at least 48 hrs prior
  • Write an abstract based on your research project
  • Create research poster
  • Present poster at the end of the semester:
    • Fall: Honors Research Symposium
    • Spring: Undergraduate Research Conference
    • Summer: Summer Research Symposium

Program Admission Requirements

  • Currently enrolled Charlotte undergraduates
  • Students must have good academic standing

Additional Summer Requirements

  • Students applying for full-time positions must be enrolled as an undergraduate for the upcoming fall semester, and cannot graduate before December, in order to be eligible to participate.
  • Students applying for only part-time positions and enrolled in a summer class who do not graduate before August are eligible to participate.
  • Full-time participants cannot attend summer classes while simultaneously participating in the program. However, part-time participants may attend summer classes during the program.
  • Students read through project descriptions provided by Charlotte faculty on Experience, here.
  • Students identify the top 3 projects in which they would like to engage.
  • Students fill out an application for one of the OUR positions and include their top 3 projects. Applications are filled out in the Experience portal.
  • OUR Team matches students with faculty projects. 
  • Mentors review applications for potential matches and can accept or decline students.  Therefore, it benefits you to talk to potential mentors as part of the application process.
  • If the student is accepted by the faculty mentor, the student can confirm the position.
  • You did It! Students will be provided with the contact information for their mentor and should reach out to their new mentor as soon as possible.

Each research project is different and individual to the faculty mentor. The faculty mentor determines the research goals which may include, but are not limited to:

  • Conduct literary research​
  • Interpret, synthesize, and analyze data
  • Provide reports on the status of research activities
  • Plan and modify research techniques, procedures, tests, equipment or software management
  • Write and edit materials for publication and presentation
  • Meet with a faculty mentor on a regular basis to maintain ongoing communication
  • Perform other related duties as required

You can read about all current research projects, descriptions, and requirements here.

Please apply via Experience, go to “Get Research Experience” and select “Apply for OUR Programs”.

Problem-Solving: Analyze issues, think critically, make decisions, and overcome challenges. Obtain, interpret, and use knowledge, facts and data to make decisions

Communications: Articulate thoughts and ideas effectively and efficiently, using verbal, non-verbal, digital and written methods

Teamwork: Build collaborative relationships by valuing others and taking responsibility for your role within a team

Technology Application: ​Select and use appropriate technology to solve problems and accomplish goals

Leadership: Use interpersonal skills to coach, motivate and develop others, recognizing their strengths to achieve common goals/shared vision