2015 Undergraduate Research Conference

2015 Undergraduate Research Conference Departmental Winners

DepartmentName(s)Project Title
Bioinformatics and GenomicsJenna BrownFlexibility Correlation Between Active Site Regions is Conserved Across Four AmpC β-Lactamase Enzymes
Biological StudiesJude Raj
Honorable Mentions:
Joseph Hazel
Noelle Cornelio
The Role of APE1 in DNA Damage Response to Oxidative Stress
New Compounds for Inhibition of Bacterial Growth
MLL-AF9 Translocations Caused by Common Dietary Compounds in Mouse Hematopoietic Stem Cells and Differentiated Hematopoietic Cell
ChemistryJames MitchellHyrbid Nanomaterials to Increase Energy Storage for Supercapacitor Applications
Civil and Environmental EngineeringDeepika DaveThe Leaching Analysis to Sequester and Stabilize the Halides from Waste Water to Create Solids Suitable for Landfill Disposal
Computer ScienceMihai MehedintBuilding Bridges within the Undergraduate Major in Computer Science
Criminal JusticeRachael BernardFuture Scholars
EconomicsGavin IddingsThe Impact of Income Inequality on Heart Disease, High School Graduation Rates, and Infant Mortality in the U.S.
Electrical and Computer EngineeringSteve BanasikHit-Pro a High Tech Tennis Racket
Geography and Earth SciencesJalen Hairston and Ian O’ShaughnesyLong Term Evolution of Tributary Alluvial Fans in the Piedmont of NC: A Case Study in Redlair Plant Preserve
GIASMcKenzie LindenConceptualizing the Rule of Law in Projects of International Development
HistoryHannah Hicks“Whispers Shall Comfort Us Out of the Dark”: Popular British Spiritualism in the Wake of World War I
KinesiologyAndrew MillerTraining and Skill Maintenance for Respiratory Therapists who Perform Endotracheal Intubation
Mechanical Engineering and Engineering ScienceJoseph HusonIntermediate Product Induced VLS Growth for 1D Nanostructures
Physics and Optical ScienceGage Leighton
Honorable Mention: Daniel Godfrey
Environmental Effects on the Folding and DNA-binding of the Primary DNA Recognition Subdomain of the Sleeping Beauty Transposase
MOS1 transposase thermodynamic stability and flexibility
Political ScienceMax YochumSexism and Feminism’s Effect on Anger- A Study in Gender
PsychologyMeagan PadroLinking Seductive Details and the Isolation Effect
Reading and Elementary EducationKatie WaldroupKannapolis: Mill Town to Research Campus
Religious StudiesCasey AldridgeDefining God and Rape Culture in Genesis 3 and II Samuel 13
Software and Information SystemsHonorable Mention: Tre NorrisEvaluation of the Online Social Connectedness Tool
TheatreCodara BracyArts Integration

2015 Atkins Library Undergraduate Research Award Winners

Atkins Award CategoryProject Title
Hannah Hicks“Whispers Shall Comfort Us Out of the Dark”: Popular British Spiritualism in the Wake of World War I
Biological Sciences/Health Sciences
Joshua FiskEffects of Coal Ash on the Lysosomal and Cellular Membrane Stability of Corbicula Flumine
Math/Computer Sciences
Tre Norris and Evodie Kayembe (as Second Author)Evaluation of the Online Social Connectedness Tool
Physical sciences/engineering
James MitchellHybrid Nanomaterials to Increase Energy Storage for Supercapacitor Applications
Social Sciences/Education
Kristina DryeMapping Peace Processes in the Former Yugoslavia: Creating a Peace Process Framework

Honors College Awards

CategoryNameProject Title
Humanities, Social Sciences, Arts, EducationHannah Hicks (Honors in History)“Whispers Shall Comfort Us Out of the Dark”: Popular British Spiritualism in the Wake of WW1
Humanities, Social Sciences, Arts, EducationHonorable Mention: Meagan Padro (Honors in Psychology)Linking Seductive Details and the Isolation Effect
STEMBailey Allen (Levine Scholars Program)Testing Combination Therapy in Pancreatic and Breast Cancer Cell Lines
STEMJaden Barney (Levine Scholars Program)Phase Contrast and Micro-CT Imaging: Design and Fabrication of a Mechanical Actuator for Phase Control of an Xray Interferometer
STEMHonorable Mention: Heidi Cope (Honors in Biology and Levine Scholars Program)Investigating the Role of TnC in Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
STEMHonorable Mention: Ashley Lea (Honors in Athletic Training and University Honors Program)Therapeutic Massage in the Treatment of Chronic Ankle Instability
STEMHonorable Mention: Sarah Whitmire (Levine Scholars Program)Blood Pressure Responses Following an Isometric Exercise Training Program in a Population of Homeless Women