Undergraduate Research Conference 2022

Honors College

Award CategoryAward WinnerProject TitleFaculty Advisor
Arts & Humanities Dick BeekmanStarstruck: An Analysis of the American Media Reaction Towards Valentina Tereshkova Dr. Mark Wilson
InterdisciplinaryGoeun Grace ParkPractices in Elementary Schools to Reduce Racial Stereotypes That Impact Students’ Academic PerformanceDr. Erik Byker
STEMMaryna van StadenComparing Plasmodium falciparum K13 mutations between High and Low Transmission Seasons in Northwestern Ethiopia and the Impact of Artemisinin ResistanceDr. Eugenia Lo

Disciplinary Theme Winners

Award CategoryAward WinnerProject TitleFaculty Advisor
Arts & Design- Oral AwardWinston MartinFunction of Gospel Blues in African American MusicDr. Jay Grymes
Arts & Design- Poster Award Quinton Frederick 3D Printing as a Tool for Architectural AnalysisDr. Emily Makas
Business & Economics- Poster Award Levar FredericksVirtual Reality: The Haves and the Have NotsDr, Erik Byker
Education & Communication- Oral AwardSpencer ReeceTransition to Adulthood for Young Adults with Intellectual and Developmental DisabilitiesDr. Leslie Bross
Education & Communication- Poster AwardBrenda Morales FloresInvestigating and Comparing Aspects of the United Nations’ SDG #6 in Kazakhstan and North CarolinaDr. Erik Byker
Health Sciences- Oral AwardMichael BerrierFirst Pass Success During Neonatal Intubation in a Level IV NICU: A Retrospective Chart ReviewDr. Brian Ring
Health Sciences- Poster AwardElizabeth AbediInvestigating the role of Ydj1 phosphorylation on the DNA Damage ResponseDr. Andrew Truman
Humanities- Oral AwardOlivia Dobbs“Honest, Intelligent, and Efficient Service”: Black Women and Social Work in WWI CharlotteDr. Heather Perry
Mathematics & Computer Science- Oral AwardChristopher EgersdoerferModuleLog: Module Based Approach to Anomaly Detection In Parallel File System LogsDr. Dong Dai
Mathematics & Computer Science- Poster AwardFausto German JimenezIn Search of a Predictive Model for Aflatoxin Insurance Claims Based on Temperature DataDr. Gabriel Terejanu
Science, Technology, & Engineering- Oral Award #1Aashiana PatelDiscovering the Factors that Drive Biodiversity of Macroinvertebrates in SaltmarshesDr. Paola López-Duarte
Science, Technology, & Engineering- Oral Award #2 Quy Nguyen

Maithili Acharya

Achieving Highly Stable Reversible Electrochromism of Thiazolothiazole Hydrogel DevicesDr. Michael Walter
Science, Technology, & Engineering- Poster AwardJasen GrecoComparing High-Shear, Low-CAPE Supercell Weather Events in the Southeastern United States vs. The Great PlainsDr. Casey Davenport
Social Science- Oral AwardClaire PatrickPolitical displacement in Charlotte’s West Davidson neighborhood: How are local affordable housing policies impacting Black residents in gentrifying communities?Dr. Erin Banks
Social Science- Poster AwardJacqulyn StelmackMeasuring the Emotional Experiences of LGBTQIA+ AdultsDr. Lisa Walker

Community Engaged Research Award

Award CategoryAward WinnerProject TitleFaculty Advisor
Oral AwardShakayla AlstonExploring the Identity as a Computer Science Major for Women of ColorDr. Marlon Mejias
Poster AwardMahita Sadula

Catherine Luba

Assessing the Impact of COVID-19 on the Health and Well-being of Healthcare Professionals in North Carolina, United StatesDr. Monika Sawhney

Sustainability Award

Award WinnersProject TitleFaculty Advisor

Nikki Thai

Jenna Barilovits

Functionalizing Zeolite to Remove Water ContaminantsDr. Jordan Poler

Mu Chapter PBD Global Focused Research Award

Award WinnerProject TitleFaculty Advisor
Korinne TalleyInvestigating and Comparing Sustainable Development Goal #2 in Kazakhstan and the United StatesDr. Erik Byker

PKP Honor Society Award

Award WinnerProject TitleFaculty Advisor
Johnathan WilliamsDiscovering Novel Biomarkers for Gametocyte Detection in Plasmodium vivaxDr. Eugenia Lo

Biological Sciences Award

Award CategoryAward WinnerProject TitleFaculty Advisor
Oral Presentation- 1st PlaceEnosh IshmanIdentifying Collateral Sensitivity Networks and Associated Genetic Markers in Burkholderia SpeciesDr. Todd Steck
Oral Presentation- Honorable MentionPriyanka LalaCorrelation between MUC1 expression and sensitivity of PDA cells to STAT3-Inhibitor NapabucasinDr. Pinku Mukherjee
Poster Presentation- 1st PlaceErin DavisMolecular Mechanisms Underlying Glial Inflammatory Responses to Neisseria MeningitidisDr. Brittany Johnson
Poster Presentation- Honorable MentionAinella RysbayevaUnderstanding the Hsp70 Phosphorylation Via the Chaperone Code ArrayDr. Andrew Truman