2014 Undergraduate Research Conference

The winners have been announced for the 2014 Undergraduate Research Conference, which was held on Friday, April 25th at the Barnhardt Student Activities Center. In total, 158 students presented their research projects to judges; 43 participated in oral presentations and 115 presented posters. Conference organizers and judges commended all participants for the high quality research represented in the conference.

Twenty-two Departmental Awards were presented for 1st, and in many cases 2nd and third place as well as honorable mention. In the Atkins Library Undergraduate Research Awards, five students were each awarded $1,000 prizes, and numerous students were presented certificates for honorable mention.

“Presenting at a research conference is a great resume item for students,” said Dr. Missy Eppes, Associate Professor of Earth Sciences and chair of the conference committee. “It provides wonderful experience in communicating all of the hard work that students have completed. Our winners, and all of the participating students, should be very proud of the projects they presented.”

Congratulations to all the winners and to everyone who presented their research work! Our thanks as well to the judges, faculty liaisons, and our keynote speakers – Dr. Gloria Elliott, Director of the BioStability Lab at UNC Charlotte, and Dr. Dan Morrill, Professor in the Department of History at UNC Charlotte.

The URC now has three formal sponsors for the conference: Atkins Library, Academic Affairs, and the Levine Scholars program. As part of the Levine program, the conference now includes a Sustainability award. Special thanks goes to the Charlotte Research Institute for their support of the Atkins Library Research Awards.

2014 Undergraduate Research Conference Departmental Winners

DepartmentName(s)Project Title
AnthropologyKyle HickmanComparison of the Definition of Life Satisfaction between the Queer Community and the Heterosexual Community
Bioinformatics and GenomicsGage Leighton and Tatiana KonnovaConformational analysis in the specific DNA-recognition Subdomain of Sleeping Beauty Transposase
BiologyEllen HumbelRole of Light Wavelength in the Circadian Entrainment of the Starlet Sea Anemone, Nematostella vectensis
ChemistryJennifer KasselThe Effects of Long Alkyl Chains on the Morphology, Light Absorption, and Charge-Carrier Dynamics in Porphyrin-Based Organic Solar Cells
Civil and Environmental EngineeringMegan RazickRenewable Energy Sources and Technology
Communication StudiesKendall CookDoes Size Matter: Examining the Relationship Between Class Size and Student Evaluations
Electrical and Computer EngineeringAudrow NashEstablishing and Maintaining Formations of Mini Quadrotors
Engineering Technology and Construction ManagementMisa VoEnergy Harvesting from Electromagnetic Field Surrounding a Current Carrying Conductor
EnglishToynia EdmondThe Mother Daughter Finally Gets a Voice through the Works of Rita Dove’s “Mother Love” and Thylias Moss’ “Slave Moth”
Geography and Earth SciencesChristopher GodwinAirborne LiDAR to evaluate impacts of neighborhood development on the urban forest
Global International and Area StudiesMeritt ForemanLockwood Neighborhood Transition: Gentrification and Inequality
HistoryAndrew WasheckLands of their Fathers: Factors Contributing to the Radicalization of Zimbabwe’s Land Reforms in 1997
KinesiologyKyle BrownEffects of Dioxin on the Wnt Signaling Pathway in Liver Tissue
Mathematics and StatisticsJingjing Zhao and Djiba KouroumaMeasuring 2008 Financial Crisis with CoVaR
Mechanical EngineeringThomas BarnetteInternal Design, Direct Physical Pollution, and Carbon Footprint determine Environmentally Safer “Light Bulb”
Mechanical Engineering TechnologyBrett CockerhamDoes Size Matter: Examining the Relationship Between Class Size and Student Evaluations
Middle, Secondary and K-12 EducationKristina DryeEducation Access and Equity in Urban Schools: A Focus on Course Enrollment Patterns in K-12 Settings
MusicLanson WellsPrince Nikolaus Esterházy’s Legacy: The Baryton Trios of Franz Joseph Haydn
Physics and Optical ScienceLuke HardyRapid Thulium Fiber Laser Lithotripsy at Pulse Rates up to 500 Hz using a Stone Basket
Political ScienceAndrew WasheckState of the Settlers: The Impact of Kenya and Zimbabwe’s White Populations on their Respective Land Reforms
PsychologyLeanne BarryImpact of Supervisor Traits on Subordinates
Reading and Elementary EducationJaquelyn SayaBirth Order and Locus of Control: An Empirical Investigation with Elementary Students

2014 Atkins Library Undergraduate Research Award Winners

Atkins Award CategoryProject Title
WINNER: Lanson WellsPrince Nikolaus Esterházy’s Legacy: The Baryton Trios of Franz Joseph Haydn
HONORABLE MENTION: Austin PhilemonResounding History: A Portrait of 19th Century Marvin, North Carolina through Organ Music
Biological Sciences/Health Sciences
WINNER: Heidi HeimerCardiac Responses to Prolonged Hyperoxia Vs. Hypoxia
HONORABLE MENTION: Xueying WangStream Restoration Structures Affect Benthic Macroinvertebrate Populations
Math/Computer Sciences
WINNER: George KaneDevelopment of a Pitch Attitude Controller for a Model Aircraft
Physical sciences
WINNER: Carolynne HultquistMachine Learning for Post-fire Burn Severity Assessment in Diseased Forests
Misa Vo
Christopher Godwin
Energy Harvesting from Electromagnetic Field Surrounding a Current Carrying Conductor
Airborne LiDAR to Evaluate Impacts of Neighborhood Development on the Urban Forest
Social Sciences/Education
WINNER: Jessica TaylorSelf-Compassion as a Protective Factor in the Relationship Between Internalization of Media Appearance Ideals and Disordered Eating-Related Processes
HONORABLE MENTION: Jaquelyn SayaBirth Order and Locus of Control: An Empirical Investigation with Elementary Students

Sustainability Awards

1st PLACE:Nicole Ng (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
2nd PLACE:Paul Redd (English)
3rd PLACE:Kailene Pelkowski (Sociology)

Honors College Awards

Honors College Award Recipients with Dr. Malin Pereira (c), Exec. Dir., Honors College

STEM1st PLACE: Heidi Heimer2nd PLACE: Amanda Burmeister
Humanities, Social Sciences, Art, Education1st PLACE: Kaitlyn Chapman2nd PLACE: Jessica Taylor