Conference Awards

There are various types of awards available for the conference: the Conference General Disciplinary Awards (General Awards) sponsored by the Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) and Charlotte academic departments, the Honors College Awards sponsored by the Honors College, the Sustainability Award sponsored by the Levine Scholars, and the Community Engagement Award sponsored by Academic Affairs.

At the time of URC submission, students can indicate if they would like to be judged for a conference award. Students must submit an abstract and recorded presentation to Symposium before the deadline dates to be eligible for an award. Honors students can also choose to be judged for additional Honors College awards by clicking the appropriate box on their submission form. Likewise, if the research is related to Community Engagement or Sustainability students should select those categories during registration. Please see below for the criteria that the judges will use to determine the winners of these awards.

These awards are judged by members of the University. Each Department, however, reserves the right to determine the number and types of awards presented for their students. Top scoring recipients will receive an award. Students must be currently enrolled at Charlotte to participate in the conference. Graduate students and post-bac students may participate if 1) the presented research was completed at Charlotte as an undergraduate and 2) their undergraduate graduation date was no earlier than the December prior to the conference.

Criteria for Judging the General Awards
In general, both Oral and Poster Presentations will be judged based equally on presentation quality and content. More specific criteria for judging the presentations (oral and poster) will be used by the judges at the Conference. Students from the Honors College will also be judged on whether the overall presentation exhibits the quality and intellectual insight typical of honors-level work.

All the awards will be announced to the winning students after the Charlotte Undergraduate Research Conference. Announcements will be made on the OUR website. The event will be open to the campus community and to invited guests.