Off-Campus Opportunities

Research is taking place around the U.S. and internationally at univerisities, NGOs, private research centers, national labs, federal and state government, think tanks, and even industry! Opportunities span all disciplines and present avenues for undergraduates to take part. The OUR has compiled a list of resources and information below to expand your awareness. Take time to chat with your advisor, faculty mentor, career coach, or the OUR team to see how these might fit with your goals and interests.


How to create your own

Networking and informational interviews can help you discover research opportunities that might not be found in a database or listed on a website. These experiences are just as robust and can yield great experience on your resume. Here are some things to think of as you look to create your own opportunity:

  • Talk to your career coach about networking strategies. LinkedIn can be VERY helpful!
  • Hone what sector you find the most exciting and then research organizations in that space
  • Check out professional journals and associations for your area of interest as they can help you identify individuals and organizations
  • Develop your strategy to contact and follow up

Research Abroad

Note: Any student traveling internationally to present their research must secure insurance through the Office of Education Abroad as part of this process. Documentation of insurance will need to be shared with OUR prior to receiving funding.